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Vitaleta Chapel

Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Val d’Orcia, the Vitaleta Chapel stands as a timeless testament to Tuscany’s architectural and cultural heritage. Perched on a gentle hill, this small yet iconic chapel captivates with its simple yet elegant design, featuring a slender bell tower against the backdrop of rolling hills and cypress trees.
Built in the 16th century, the Vitaleta Chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and its charming exterior is adorned with soft hues that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Despite its modest size, the chapel’s interior exudes a serene atmosphere, offering a quiet refuge for contemplation.
The real magic unfolds, especially during sunrise or sunset, when the warm Tuscan light bathes the chapel in a golden glow, creating a truly captivating spectacle. The Vitaleta Chapel, with its timeless charm, serves as an ideal venue for both religious and civil weddings, as well as special events, advertising campaigns, and outdoor film scenes. It provides a perfect setting to celebrate unforgettable moments in harmony with the surrounding nature and the intrinsic history of this unique place.

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Vitaleta Ristoro restaurant terrace


Located right next to the Chapel, it is the perfect panoramic setting for a break with families and friends, for an aperitif enjoying a stunning sunset sipping great wines and tasting local delicacies. At the Ristoro Focacceria & Cafeteria it is possible to taste typical products of the area in perfect synergy with “Amore Toscano” which means “Tuscan Love”, the project created to enhance the region's heritage, supporting local artisans and producers with the research and offer of excellent products of our own production or zero km.

Piatto gourmet


On the second floor of the adjacent building to Vitaleta Chapel is an exclusive gourmet restaurant with just six tables, each overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany Val d'Orcia and enjoying its own privileged view. Chef Cristiano Milighetti's dishes fully celebrate Tuscan cuisine using all the regional delicacies, offering a culinary experience in a perfect blend of elegance and refined taste.


wedding venue in Tuscany


The recently restored famous Vitaleta Chapel can accommodate religious ceremonies indoor for up to 20 people and outdoor for up to 180 people. It is possible to celebrate symbolic or civil ceremonies only outside the chapel. The reception and party can take place in the grounds of the adjacent podere and on the terraced gardens with boundless views of the Tuscany Val d'Orcia. Vitaleta podere's indoors can accommodate parties of up to 180 people, making this iconic venue ideal for elopements, micro weddings, intimate and larger events. Vitaleta's location also is a perfect setting for hosting exclusive art and fashion events, photo shootings or television and film productions.

Dolcevita Valdorcia

This territory, where the landscape and nature are absolute protagonist has given birth to Dolcevita Valdorcia, a new and fascinating project of widespread hospitality right in the heart of Tuscany Val d’Orcia. The primary objective of Dolcevita Valdorcia is to enhance and support the iconic territory that surrounds it, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.
The great excellences of the Tuscany Val d’Orcia in terms of hospitality, restaurants, catering, events, and weddings joined together under a single cluster Dolcevita Valdorcia with the same unique and distinguishing features: excellence, Love for the territory and for the beauty of the region, commitment to creating everlasting emotions in all the visitors, luxury of tranquility and seclusion. Dolcevita Valdorcia offers its Guests a 360° experience of the Val d’Orcia, it allows visitors to enjoy first-hand its landscapes in their most authentic and iconic declination, from the typical hay bales in the wheat fields to the tiny and evocative chapel nestled between fields and rows of cypress trees.

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